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Job Opportunities

At Outpace Bio, we believe that the highest performing teams include people from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences who respectfully challenge each other. We are committed to building an open, diverse and inclusive culture for all employees.

Interested candidates are encouraged apply via email or LinkedIn. Please provide a CV and a brief description of yourself and why you think you'd be a good fit

Senior Research Associate, Immunology

About Outpace:  Outpace Bio is a venture-backed drug development company reimagining cell function through protein design to make cells the future of medicine. Led by scientific co-founders of Lyell, our world-class scientific team is developing cell therapies that intervene in complex biology in ways that small molecules and biologics cannot. Our rich platform combines custom-designed biological functions with cellular control modalities that program the right response at the right time and place. We create mechanism-driven solutions tailor-made to dramatically improve efficacy and safety. Our partnership business model will accelerate the clinical validation of our platform and the development of truly curative therapies. We value passion for science, innovation, collaboration, inclusion, and respect


Position summary

We are looking for a talented and hard-working immunologist, molecular/cellular biologist or bioengineer to join the Immunology team at Outpace Bio. The ideal candidate has a strong background in immunology and cytokine biology, and an interest in synthetic biology. The position will involve discovery research to evaluate the effect of designed proteins on immune activity in collaboration with the computational protein design and cell engineering teams at Outpace.  Successful candidates will be highly motivated, organized, and capable of generating quality, reproducible data to rapidly advance our technologies at Outpace.



  • Perform and analyze high throughput assays for immune activity. 

  • Assay development (flow cytometry, ELISA, cell killing assays)

  • Collaborate closely with other functions and work in multidisciplinary project teams. 

  • Work in a dynamic environment, meet deadlines, and prioritize work on multiple projects.

  • Maintain an electronic lab notebook and lab inventory system. 


Required experience:

  • Expertise in mammalian cell culture

  • Expertise in flow cytometry and FACS

  • Experience with functional assays using primary human T-cells

  • Experience with data analysis in FlowJo and graphing with Excel, Prism, or Python.

  • Strong data organizational skills

Preferred experience (a successful candidate will have some subset of the below):

  • Experience with cytokine biology

  • Experience developing spectral flow 

  • Experience with tumor co-culture assays

  • Isolation of immune cell subtypes from PBMC

  • Knowledge of or experience in synthetic biology

  • Experience with innate immune subsets (Natural killer cells, macrophage/dendritic cell) 

Preferred Education:

BA/BS or MA/MS in Immunology or a related field, plus position-relevant research experience in an academic or industry environment.

Hiring Manager:  Howell Moffett, Sr. Scientist

Location:  Seattle, WA

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